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Slow Down and Hire a Great Team Member...

Have you ever said, "I just can't seem to find good help"? Bet you have. 

In the current business climate, 100% of the business owners that I talk to say they need to hire employees. And 100% of my clients are looking for great team members. 

Here's 3 mistakes that I see business owners and entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring great team members. 

Mistake #1- Hiring too quickly. You need people now, so you run out and hire people with a pulse. I get it. But you'll likely rue the day that you hired them. My friend George needed a truck driver now. HIs gut felt good so he hired the first guy along. And 3 months later he had to let him go. The driver wasn't a good fit with the other team members. George failed to take into account the culture. Slow down. 

Mistake #2- Not having a process. George had a process, but he didn't follow the process. Develop a multi-step process and  follow it. It will help you to slow down. 

Mistake #3-Not knowing who you want. How can you hire  for a position until you worked out what kind of person will  be successful in that job? Slow down and figure out who your ideal candidate is before you hire them.  

For 7 more more tips on finding and hiring the right person, listen to this episode of my podcast: 10 Hiring Mistakes and join our Facebook Group: We Build EPIC Entrepreneurs. 

All the best!


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