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Award Winning Presenter, Entrepreneur, and ActionCOACH Business Coach

One of Bill’s oldest childhood memories is playing hide and seek with his brother and sister among the clothing racks in the retail stores that his father managed. That’s when he learned lessons like “do what you say you are going to do” and “always put yourself in the other person’s shoes” which have served him well on his business journey.

His dad initially talked him out of going into the retail business and encouraged him to pursue an engineering degree. But, after running several businesses for other people, Bill found himself owning a retail automotive business. He had all the trappings of success. On the outside, everything looked great, but on the inside, Bill struggled. He had cash flow issues, team challenges, and he was working up to 90 hours per week. He needed someone to come along side and help-he needed a coach.

Since finding coaching, he has owned businesses in industries ranging from automation to coaching, and has worked with hundreds of business owners to achieve EPIC business results while also helping them find personal freedom.

Bill is currently one of the top ActionCOACH business coaches in the world, speaks on a wide range of business topics, and loves to teach business owners how to build “commercial, profitable businesses that work without them.” 

Bill lives in Montreat, NC with his wife of 38 years, Lynn. They have two grown sons. In his spare time, Bill enjoys golf, fly-fishing, reading books on business and theology, and doing anything outdoors with his sons.

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