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You Have to Learn Before You Can Earn

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You have to learn before you can earn.

One of the best ways to learn is in group or classroom settings.

Each year, I schedule and invest at least four weeks for business education.
Two of those weeks come through the ActionCOACH system.
We have a business excellence forum and a global conference.

Both settings have world-class speakers, but the real value comes in being with and learning from your peers.

Attending your industry or association events always pays for itself.

Then, pick a couple of topics in which you want to improve or learn.

Follow a simple formula.
Ask yourself…In what area do you want to be better?
Let’s say you wanted to become a better public speaker.
Then, find 4 to 10 courses to take on the subject of public speaking.
Pick the best one and book it.

Invest in yourself.

Your best return will always be your return on education.

Pick a topic, find the course, invest the money and time, and start earning more.

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