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You Can’t Commit to Everything

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Apparently, Warren Buffett looks at 100 potential deals before he commits to one.

Here’s the challenge with commitment…

You can’t commit to everything.

That would require you to give 100% to multiple strategies.
Warren Buffet can’t do it, and neither can you.

You must prioritize.

When confronted with multiple options or strategies, here is a simple process that
my clients find useful:

First, brainstorm and write down between 20 and 50 potential strategies. That sounds like a lot of ideas, but you’ll be surprised at how many you can generate.

Second, circle your top 15 potential strategies. Then pick your top five, and then your top one.

Third, write the tactics for that strategy and take immediate action. Then complete your next strategy, and so on and so forth.

You might get down to two strategies and not be able to make a decision.

If this happens, imagine a coin where one of your strategies is heads and the other is tails. Then, pretend you flip that coin.

While the coin is in the air, which side do you wish it would land on? Heads or tails?

That’s your strategy.

Enjoy the application.

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